Key Benefits
Why would I want to install LEDs in my facility?

LEDs are directional which means they focus the light where it is needed—other bulbs waste a lot of
energy shining light where it isn’t needed.

An LED bulb uses 75% –90% less energy than incandescent and halogen bulbs, and 30% – 50% less energy
than compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

By lowering your energy bill month after month —LEDs are the gift that keep on giving!

As energy costs continue their rise, your cost savings continue to rise.

Let’s illustrate the energy savings potential with an example:

You are a PG&E commercial customer and you have (50) Halogen PAR30 bulbs at 65 watts each on
and you replace them with (50) LED PAR30 bulbs at 14 watts each.

Assuming 3,500 annual hrs of operation (70 hrs/wk * 50 wks/yr) and $.17 per kilowatt cost of electric-
ity, the formula is:

(((50 watts – 14 watts) x (3,500)) / 1,000) x $.17 = $21.42.

Poof! At $21.42 per bulb, that is $1,077 in energy savings…. every year!

This type of energy saving, coupled with low upfront costs, makes for superbly fast payback periods.

LED bulbs have outstanding longevity. Take the a PAR30 shape light bulb for example:
Bulb Type
Rated Life
Life @ 2,500 hrs. a year
(commercial average)
Life @ 1,500 hrs. a year
(residential average)
PAR 30 Halogen
1,500 hrs.
7 months
1.5 years
8000 hrs.
3.2 years
8 years
25, 000 hrs.
10 years!
25 years!
How does taking a break from changing light bulbs for the next 10–25 years sound?

LED maintenance savings come in two flavors; material and labor cost. Over the life of an LED bulb (or the term of your lease), you would otherwise be spending time & money on buying replacement bulbs, back-up stock, and either taking your time and effort or paying someone to install them – which can get expensive, and not to mention… annoying.

Maintenance savings can vary widely per customer, but let’s imagine an example:

You have a store with (50) PAR30 halogens and are buying $6 bulbs that last 1,500 hours each. To match the longevity of one 25,000 hour LED, you would need to purchase 16 halogen bulbs for a total cost of $96 per socket, or $4,800 across all (50) bulbs. Let’s assume you pay an employee $20/hr. and it takes them 10 minutes to change a bulb (they have to find or perhaps order a bulb, get the ladder, change the bulb, and put the ladder away). Over the 16 halogen bulbs it takes to match the life of one LED, your employee will spend a total of 2.7 hours changing bulbs, which costs you $53 in labor per socket, or $2,667 over all (50) bulbs. So, upgrading to LEDs will produce, in this example, $7,467 in maintenance cost savings over their lifetime. This is quite a bonus.

While energy and maintenance cost savings are typically the primary drivers of LED upgrade projects, what we consistently hear back from our customers is how thrilled they are by how great their facility looks. LED upgrades bring new life to spaces which translates to greater employee productivity and higher sales. While more challenging to quantify, the value of better lighting can not be understated. LED upgrades have been linked to higher sales in retail settings, higher productivity in office setting, and less errors on production floors. This makes sense – if a product looks better with more vivid colors and details it is more likely to be purchased, if an employee can see more clearly the task at hand they will be more productive with less errors.

Incandescent and halogen light bulbs waste the majority of their energy used as heat. With LEDs, facility climate is easier to control, which makes for a comfortable working, shopping, and living environ-ment.

No waste heat means less cost to cool your space and less wear and tear on your HVAC system; reducing repair and delaying replacement costs.

It is estimated that in an air conditioned environment, it costs about $1.13 a month to cool the heat produced by a single 100 watt incandescent light bulb. This attribute is particularly beneficial in refrig-erator or freezer environments.

The lower heat of LED is not only a money saver, but also minimizes fire hazard, discolored fixtures and lenses from long term heat exposure, and burnt fingertips.

LED illumination produces little infrared light and close to no UV emissions. This is the reason that LEDs have been so rapidly adopted by museums and galleries – it’s not just because they makes colors more vivid, but because they help preserve the art for generations to come without the damaging effects of UV rays.

LEDs can be dimmed, smoothly and to low levels, to help set the mood.

They turn on instantly, so no more waiting for bulbs to ‘warm up’.

LED bulbs are highly durable, most of them can be dropped onto concrete from 6 feet and not break and continue to function.

LEDs are versatile: available in most traditional shapes and a range of different color outputs.

They are not impacted by frequent turning off and on, such as with the operation of a motion sensor, which can drastically reduce the lifecycle of fluorescent bulbs.

LED bulbs perform brilliantly in cold and freezing environments, where fluorescents may have impacted operation.


A major downfall of florescent lighting is that the use of mercury powder is the key component for the creation of illumination. With a complete LED Upgrade we are able to free our facilities, and in turn our environment, from a dangerous toxin. This is especially important in schools or anywhere children, or for that matter people of all ages, are present.

Do you know the protocol for cleaning up a florescent bulb when it breaks? If vacating your facility for 10-15 minutes, perhaps at a peak moment of shopping or just before a deadline, sounds terrible, then an LED Upgrade is an excellent pre-emptive measure.

LED bulbs are lead free and most are certified RoHS compliant, which limits a number of toxins typicallyfound in electronics.

LED bulb design is getting less material intensive as the technology develops; minimizing the environmen-tal intensity of production.

Why Us
Why should I work with myLEDrabtes.com to complete an LED upgrade for my facility?

Lighting professionals often only invest their time and expertise into developing projects for large facili-ties; leaving many businesses unaware of the benefits of LEDs and the best solution for their facility.

We provide a web platform that enables a professional level lighting assessment, generates a project specific cost & benefit analysis, and provides the product needed to complete your LED upgrade project.

Rebate programs are often poorly marketed, leaving customers ‘in the dark’ about the rebate dollars avail-able to them. We identify, secure, and manage available utility rebates, that often pay for the majority of the upfront project cost.

Why pay for expensive lighting audits when you now have all the tools to generate your own LED up-grade?


With hundreds of projects completed and tens of thousands of lamps installed we have found the bulbs that combine high quality and strong value.

Maintaining ‘brand neutrality’ and continually testing new bulbs, allows us be adaptable in an evolving industry; consistently offering you the best bulb choices.

We only sell bulbs that are Energy Star rated, which means they achieve industry leading metrics of effi-ciency and quality, and offer a minimum of 3 year warranty.

Our fluency in bulb metrics like CRI, kelvin, and power factor, means that we can assess bulb quality and performance and make the best choices for you.

The intuitive ‘lighting details’ intake platform enables the creation of a full project product specification.

We provide samples (above a minimum project size) so you can feel confident in your choice.

We diligently stay up to date on all the latest rebate programs (we track over 300 rebate programs) so that we can maximize available rebates and minimize your upfront investment.


LEDs mean lower energy bills, a better, more productive and enjoyable facility, and maintenance savings for years to come. Helping you achieve this makes us happy.

We can all be happy about the profound environmental and societal benefits of having to generate less electricity as a result of LED Upgrades.

Your project’s environmental benefits are presented in your proposal. Every completed project adds to our collective impact, which we track and display in the footer of each web page.

Our goal is to maximize the positive impact of our business. Our website is hosted with 100% wind power. We pledge 10% of our profits to support organizations that are bringing LED lighting to the devel-oping world. We all deserve a little light.

How It Works
Ok, so what do I do?


We recommend, as a first step, to review our Lighting Details Intake Tips. If you are unfamiliar with lighting you may want to review the lighting guide section below. Alternatively, you can reference the lighting guide as you are entering your area by area lighting details.


Create a quick profile and log-in so that you can save and submit your project. At the My LED Upgrade page, fill in your facility details and your lighting details. Review the information icons for more explanation on any of the fields. Submit your project data when you have entered all the areas of addressable lighting.


We will review the information submitted and be in touch if there is anything that needs clarification. We will upload your proposal to your ‘My Projects’ area of your account page and notify you by email when it is ready. The proposal will give you cost and payback, environmental savings, scope, and product details.


Upon approval of the project and the terms of the agreement we will ship your bulbs. If your job is over $500 we will send you samples for approval with a 25% down payment. If your job is $500 or below we will ship the full order upon payment. If the bulbs from the samples or the full order do not meet your satisfaction, we will either find a bulb that does work, or we will offer a full refund. We guarantee your satisfaction


Delegate internally, hire a contractor, call a friend, or pull out the ladder. If you need assistance we are happy to offer contractor recommendations that can bid your installation. The sooner your new bulbs are operating, the sooner you start reaping the benefits. If your job is receiving an utility rebate, you will need to track any changes and report back to us upon completion.


Give yourself a toast and put your sunglasses on, because your future is bright! Earn rewards and good karma by referring your friend and colleagues!