Our Story

I never would have guessed I would be a lighting guy, but after a year as a lighting efficiency sales rep.,‘I saw the light’; customers were delighted with their updated lighting, the energy saving and local rebates made for very strong financials, and the jobs produced significant & quantifiable environmental benefits. I co-founded a lighting company in 2009 that became the leading lighting retrofit contractor in the Bay Area; we completed over 1,100 jobs and generated a cumulative $3 million in annual energy savings for our customers and generated 5,400 tons of annual CO2 emissions reductions.

I took all the learning, relationships, and systems developed over years of experience and synthesized them into a user friendly platform that enables the completion of a professional grade LED upgrade.

Much better than doing the ‘blank stare’ in front of a wall of light bulbs at Home Depot, and much better than paying $500 for a lighting audit, MyLEDrebates.com enables the answers to the key questions:

How much is it going to cost to switch out all my lights to LEDs?

How much money am I going to save and what are the benefits?

How do I utilize vetted, quality products, and what specifically will I need?

Why We Do This

MyLEDRebates.com is a mission driven business. We are on a mission to revolutionize LED lighting — to ‘bring to light’ all the benefits of full facility LED upgrades, and to empower our customers to complete their project and enjoy the benefits.

We are also a triple bottom line business; we exist not just for financial profit, but to generate environmental and social impact as well. Our goal is to be a model business and we think we can get there by:

Delighting our customers

Intense focus on quality of service. Customer satisfaction is gauranteed.

Minimizing Impact / Being progressive

From strategic logistics to eco-friendly packaging, from a paper-free operation to wind energy powered web hosting.

Being Giving

10% of profits are dedicated to briging solar powered LED lanterns to the developing world.

How We Do This


Doing the right thing. Our central guidepost, integrity is the core.

Keeping it real. Authenticity in our messaging, transperancy in our reporting.

Always improving. We invite feedback, work to stay current, and LISTEN.

We look forward to working with you!

— Bret Walburg, Founder