DOE Investments In The LED Market & Technology Can Reap Rich Harvests

The U.S. Department of Energy Solid State Lighting (SSL) Program plays a leading role in the research, development, and promotion of SSL. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are the principal SSL technology. You may remember from a previous post, the reference to the L-prize, which was a ten million dollar prize awarded to the manufacturer that could […]

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The Benefits Of Better Lighting Reach The Operating Table

Energy saving light bulbs offer obvious benefit to the bottom line, but the harder to measure benefits of LED lighting is in some cases the most provocative. Better lighting can translate to higher sales for retailers, less errors for manufacturer, and lower attrition and higher morale for employees, which can all have profoundly positive impact on […]

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Big Benefits For Retailers That Switch To LED Bulbs

Northern California’s electric utility, PG&E, has produced a great introduction to and overview of LED lighting, specifically geared towards retail facilities. The article shares a quote from a DOE report that states that “LEDs have surpassed conventional lighting technologies in terms of energy efficiency, lifetime, versatility and color quality.” The same report notes that LEDs […]

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Paris Metro To Add Internet To Their LEDs

We like to keep a watchful eye on the intersection of LED lighting and the ‘internet of things’. The potential is vast and there are already popular products on the market such the color changing, app controllable Phillips hue, and a host of newcomers offering LED light married with everything from security cameras to speaker […]

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DOE study assesses life-cycle costs and benefits of LEDs

The U.S. Department of Energy has released the results of Part 3 of its inquiry into the total cost of LEDs relative to incandescents and CFLs. The news is good: LEDs were found to have a “much smaller environmental impact” than the older technologies. While LEDs do have a higher cost of production, and more […]

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