LED benefits

The Benefits Of Better Lighting Reach The Operating Table

Energy saving light bulbs offer obvious benefit to the bottom line, but the harder to measure benefits of LED lighting is in some cases the most provocative. Better lighting can translate to higher sales for retailers, less errors for manufacturer, and lower attrition and higher morale for employees, which can all have profoundly positive impact on […]

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Long Life LED Light Bulbs: The Proof Is In The Pudding

The energy efficiency of LED light bulbs is undeniable.  A wattage meter can be used to verify the number on the box: yes a 60 watt equivalent listed at 9 watts really does use 9 watts.  We can also compare visually the performance of the LED bulb compared to the incandescent or CFL equivalent.  Put […]

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Hone In On Efficiency Gains From LED Lighting And Green Buildings

Perhaps one of the strongest benefits of LED lighting is the increased productivity that results from better light. In some examples it is easy to imagine – if a sewing factory switches to high quality LED lighting and now the production workers can see better, there will be less errors and thus less waste and […]

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