Energy saving light bulbs offer obvious benefit to the bottom line, but the harder to measure benefits of LED lighting is in some cases the most provocative. Better lighting can translate to higher sales for retailers, less errors for manufacturer, and lower attrition and higher morale for employees, which can all have profoundly positive impact on profit. In this post we look at a recent article from LEDs Magazine highlighting the benefit of LED lighting in operating rooms in Scandinavia. It looks at a set of 90 hospitals that have installed tunable, colored LED lighting, allowing the right light to be set for the right function – benefiting doctors, nurses, and patients.  So, when it is time to get the patient relaxed, the LED lighting can be set to produce warm amber tones, and when it is time for the clean team to sanitize they lights can be set to provide bright white light.  With benefits such as improving visibility, increasing staff wakefulness, reducing stress, and calming nerves, this is the type of setting that I would like if going under the knife. While the lighting product highlighted in the article is pretty specialized to the operating room, the point is still well made: better lighting offers a host of hard to measure benefits beyond cost and maintenance savings.

Over the past nine years of delivering lighting upgrades in commercial facilities, the #1 feedback we get is how amazed customer are with the difference the new lights make. The decision to upgrade to energy saving light bulbs is typically made from a cost and payback perspective, but when the new bulbs are installed, one of the most exciting benefits of LED upgrades; better light, really shines.

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