Northern California’s electric utility, PG&E, has produced a great introduction to and overview of LED lighting, specifically geared towards retail facilities. The article shares a quote from a DOE report that states that “LEDs have surpassed conventional lighting technologies in terms of energy efficiency, lifetime, versatility and color quality.” The same report notes that LEDs have also become increasingly cost-competitive. This is great news, especially when considering that many utilities are offering rebates on LED bulbs to further bring the benefits within easy financial reach of most business owners.

Retailers in particular stand to gain from the many benefits of LEDs. The article lists several reasons why LEDs are great for retail lighting:

  • Directional lighting: LED lamps and luminaires give retailers the ability to concentrate lighting more specifically, focusing on particular products and spaces. Instead of replacing just the lamp in your track lighting, consider integrated LED track heads that offer excellent optics, a longer lifetime and typically superior dimming control when paired with the appropriate dimmers or scene controllers. Now, LED luminaires that include adjustable beam shapes and angles are available. These dynamic devices can be used to change the lighting as displays are changed.
  • Dimmability: Newer integrated LED luminaires designed for retail applications offer dimming down to 1%. Some products offer a “warm dimming” feature that shifts the color from cool to warm as the intensity is reduced. When paired with the proper dimming systems, newer LED replacement lamps such as PAR, BR, A-lamps and MR-16s dim to 10% as a standard feature.
  • Less maintenance: The longer lifespan of LEDs can be especially beneficial for luminaires in hard-to-reach places. Changing the lamps less often means less staff on ladders and more time for other tasks.
  • Variety of correlated color temperatures: LEDs offer a variety of CCTs for retailers to select from. This variety will allow retailers to select which color will highlight products best and create the atmosphere that matches their brand.
  • Color tuning: LED track lighting, troffers, select downlights and some replacement lamps now offer the ability to adjust the CCT. Highlight products with seasonal color differences by tuning luminaires with a remote control or software. Set new color scenes whenever they are needed.
  • Improved color rendering: Fluorescent sources, although capable of a high color rendering index score, were often purchased with a CRI of 80. LED products intended for retail environments are now available with CRIs ranging from 80 to 97.
  • Lower HVAC loads: Less heat means lower air conditioning needs. LEDs give off far less heat than predecessor lighting technology.
  • Adaptability to cold temperatures: LEDs have been proven to perform much more effectively than conventional commercial lighting products in cold spaces like refrigerators and freezers.
  • Product preservation: LEDs emit less ultraviolet radiation than incandescent and halogen lamps. UV can damage fabrics and inks over time.

In addition to these great benefits for retailers, let’s not forget about BIG savings in energy bills every month.  Less maintenance headaches, smaller bills, and better looking products presumably leading to better sales.. Sign me up!  If you are a retailer, or anyone with non-LED light bulbs, that would like to get in on the action, we can help!  Start your LED upgrade by telling us about your existing bulbs, so that we can work up a recommendation and proposal.  Click here to get started.

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