One of the most pleasurable parts of running a mission driven business is being able to generate positive impact. Implementing LED lighting is helping create negawatts (reducing electrical demand), which offers a host of environmental and social benefits. We are also helping consumers and businesses reduce their expenses and headaches, which feels great. However, nothing can quite beat the feeling of improving the lives of the less fortunate, in whatever small or great way.

A core component of our business model is to give back; as a way to say a universal ‘thank you’ for any success we have. We have dedicated 10% of our profit to bringing light to those in need. Since we haven’t officially launched and have not generated any revenue, there are not any profits to donate, but when I saw that my friend was heading to Haiti on a solar project I had to reach out about sending along some LED light bulbs. Haiti has more than its fair share of suffering and poverty and is thus a worthy recipient of assistance. Haiti, with its widespread devastation from the 2012 earthquake, and its limited public infrastructure, makes for a great opportunity for sustainable development. My friend Sandra Kwak is running a great start up, 10Power, which provides project financing for sustainable development. She is heading to Haiti to help out on a project that is bringing solar energy to a residential area that currently has no power.

The roughly 50 LED light bulbs that were sent will be distributed to two local project partners; local community education center Haiti Communitaire and locally owned and operated solar company Digitalikap. It’s a small gesture, but it feels good making our first donation before making our first sale.