At we aim to not only facilitate an LED upgrade for your facility, but also serve as a resource of information and insight on LED lighting and energy efficiency in general. Many of our customers are small businesses and as such we are always on the lookout for good tips and guides for the small business owners and managers.

The American Public Power Association and Association of Small Business Development Center has published a thorough yet concise overview of energy efficiency for small businesses; aptly title ‘Energy Efficiency Pays’. The guide reviews energy-saving techniques and products, as well as making the ‘business case’ for energy efficiency. Thankfully investments in energy efficiency are about the best investments a small business can make – with ROIs far exceeding average market and small business returns. You know darn well the difficulty or running a small business and while energy efficiency may not be top of mind, it is certainly worth getting versed in your options and potential cost and benefit. This guide also reviews basic payback calculations and potential project ideas with hiring tips.

The report was written in 2003, so some of the technology referenced is out of date. For instance, it is recommended to upgrade light bulbs to CFLs (compact fluorescent). Yes, this was the case in 2003, but these days, we have a far better solution with LED bulbs – so much so that it is now recommended to replace your CFLs with LEDs. In fact here is a snippet from our FAQ on this topic;

CFLs were the best energy efficient lighting choice just a few years ago. LEDs now offer significant advantages over CFLs including better light quality and increased energy efficiency. A major drawback of CFLs is their mercury content, which poses a danger to the health of your tenants, customers, family, etc. The EPA guidelines for cleaning a broken CFL includes vacating the premises for 5-10 minutes; not a good prospect at peak shopping time, or with your valued hotel guests? It is preferable to upgrade all CFLs to LEDs in order to remove the threat of mercury exposure, gain the cost savings of greater energy efficiency and longevity, and enjoy a better lighting environment.

An LED lighting upgrade is the best place to start for a small business looking to increase their energy efficiency and enhance their bottom line. Lighting efficiency is widely considered the low hanging fruit (highest ROI for smallest upfront cost) of efficiency investments. All that said, most of the tips and principles in the guide are still very relevant today. For example, ensure that the length of your lease (or the intended time you will be at your location) is longer than your payback period.  This is sound advice; any project with a simple payback of 1.5 years (18 months) or less is an excellent opportunity and should be implemented immediately.

If you are still using incandescent, halogen, or CFL light bulbs, please take a look at our lighting upgrade platform where you can submit the lighting details of your facility and receive an LED upgrade proposal with detailed specification, cost and payback information. For most users your payback will be well under 18 months. If you are a commercial customer in an area where we currently offer utility LED rebates, the rebate will reduce your cost substantially to where you could enjoy low cost, or in a few instances, free LEDs!

You can download the full small business energy efficiency guide here.

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