Here’s a bit of great news showing Ikea’s continuous commitment to the environment and to great design.

Surely, large corporate retailers are taking note of the raising adoption rates of LED bulbs, driven by falling prices and increase in quality. In fact according to a study conducted by Ikea, in 2015, 64% of Americans purchased at least one LED light bulb for their household, compared to 49% in 2012. IKEA announced that as of September 1, 2015, all IKEA stores will only sell LED bulbs and lighting to enable customers to live a more sustainable life at home. This bold move was announced in 2012 and IKEA is pleased it has met its commitment. Since 2013, IKEA U.S. customers have purchased 7.6 million LED bulbs, helping them collectively save nearly $3 billion in energy costs.

Frankly, we could not have said it better, so here goes Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer for IKEA Group, “LED is a light revolution. With household electricity bills continuing to rise rapidly and global energy consumption increasing, the LED lighting will have a big impact. Building on our belief that everyone should be able to afford to live more sustainably at home, we will make sure our LED prices are affordable for the many.

For the complete article, click here to read IKEA’s press release:

As a post script note, while we commend IKEA’s progress and impact in the LED lighting domain, their bulbs are not energy star rated.  As a harbinger of quality and longevity we recommend that whatever bulb you use, you choose an Energy Star rated bulbs.  At, any bulb type where there is an Energy Star rating available, we will only sell Energy Star rated bulbs.